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We are excited to announce that the Coyote Commons is preparing to expand from a one-month course to a college level program. This is your opportunity to get in on the ground floor as we build this new institution. We are creating a sustainability college and are building a team to make this happen.

This coming summer the Coyote Commons plans an intensive month-long sustainability program. In the past, we have spent this month learning and practicing the skills of living a quality and simple life. We have visited and worked beside inspiring role models, lived on local food and built out of strawbale. We have threshed wheat and eaten our homemade bread on top of Smith Fork Mountain We plan to do much of this again (click here to see photos ). However, we are adding another component, which is to design a sustainability college and a corresponding permaculture plan for the 80-acre piece of land adjacent to our own. The owner of that land is enthused to move forward on the college and has hired us to further develop these plans this summer For the skills you will learn and the experiences you will have, for great group size, and for the unique opportunity to design a community and a curriculum, this is a unique opportunity. We have partial and full scholarships available to those who would be strong contributors to this project.  We will kick off the program with a greenhouse raising!

Please click here for a list of previous years' activities.


$800 includes room, board, all expenses for the month. Scholarships available.

Note: We deliberated long and hard about this part. The prices listed above compensate us for our time and materials. We strive to live consistently within our means, just as we teach in our program.

For most of the month you will get to live on a little hidden mesa of juniper, sage and coyotes with a stunning view of the Colorado Rockies. Our land is only a two mile walk from the town of Paonia, a cozy little main street town that hosts a community radio station, a performing arts center, a natural foods co-op, the environmental periodical High Country News, a vibrant live music scene and several alternative schools.

Accommodations will be primitive and will take full advantage of the beautiful climate during the month. Interns will sleep in tents, cook together in a community kitchen, and bathe in rustic, yet, private facilities.

When :
July 16, 2007 to August 14, 2007

We are looking for inspired individuals who are ready to go for it and live a fun and challenging life of simplicity while gaining some serious (and marketable) skills. Participants will study shelter, food, transportation, and group living.

How :
To apply, please send us a 1-2 page letter describing your motivation for joining this program and any experience you have living with others.  We would also like to know if there is a skill or area of study that is an absolute "must do" for you, as well as any that you would prefer to avoid.  Please include two references whom we may contact.  Deadline for applications: June 1, 2007.

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